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well everyone I'm back from my vacation...as sad as that is for me it means i get to come back to you all! I know I've kept you waiting long enough so .....enjoy! as always this story is based on my screenshot results from a game created by @princessunicorn if you would like to play the link is below http://www.vingle.net/posts/1343710?shsrc=v if you haven't read parts 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 the links are below part1: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1385518?shsrc=v part2: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1387292?shsrc=v part3: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1389603?shsrc=v part4: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1393635?shsrc=v part5: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1399468?shsrc=v
I spent the rest of lunch praying that time would fly before I could make any mistakes or make myself look stupid. I missed my little table in Mr. Lee's office. it was now silent in the cafeteria too, but for a completely different reason than being alone. it made the fact all the more uncomfortable knowing that I was in a room full of people and you could hear a pin drop. jin gave me a small smile. it was as if he could feel the anxiety radiating off of me. I started pushing my food around my plate again. I didn't even notice that yoongi had gotten up from the table until i felt a pair of headphones cover my ears. my head was suddenly filled with mellow piano music. it definitely had a classical feel to it and I felt the tension melt from my shoulders. I looked up into yoongi's eyes slightly shocked at the gesture. I could have sworn I saw him smirk before he sat back down. with the headphones on I didn't have to fight the silence and I felt better. i looked up around the table at the group of guys who had decided to keep me company. yoongi had gone back to eating silently. taehyung on the other had was chatting away non-stop even though he knew i couldn't hear a word he was saying. I went to glance a Jin but when I did, our eyes met. how long had he been looking at me? was there something on my face? our eye contact didn't last very long as he gave me another sad smile and looked back down at his plate. most of his school lunch was still there. he began to push it around his plate as if he was uninterested....when was Jin ever not interested in food?! something must be wrong. I glanced at his bandages hands..."do they hurt" I wondered to myself. what girl was taehyung talking about? whoever she was she was pretty lucky jin cared so much for her. i managed to take a few bites of food before lunch ended. I took the headphones off and tried to return them to yoongi but he wouldn't let me. "keep them." he mumbled. "but they're yours and you have them bluetoothed to your phone." I began to protest. suddenly yoongi cupped my face in his hands and leaned in closer. "you're more than welcome to listen off of my music anytime. plus sometimes fake noise is better than obvious silence" he said quoting a line from one of the mystery lyrics I had been receiving anonymously in my locker. my jaw dropped. "you?!" I gasped trying to contain my shock. he smirked at me before giving me a wink and leaving the group to go to class. my heart began to flutter. I looked around at the rest of the group who had sat down with me and noticed jin had disappeared. V bobbed into my line of sight. "so is that A yes?" still shocked at yoongi's confession I just nodded. I hadn't heard a word he said. "great! pick you up at 5!" he explained bouncing off to class and leaving me on my own for the first time today. "wait! what?! " I called out after him but it was too late. I glanced up at the last member standing at our table. it was jungkook. he was staring at me. it seemed like he wanted to say something but I panicked and grabbed my things, heading to my locker. I didn't even notice him follow me. I quickly opened my locker and reached in to grab my books for the next class. as I grabbed one book I felt something sharp prick my finger. I dropped the book and sucked on my wound. jungkook grabbed my hand, yanking my finger from my mouth and inspected the small cut that was now visible on my finger with concern. "does it hurt?" he asked timidly before looking me in the eye. what was going on?! Mr Lee takes one day off and all of a sudden my life is being flipped upside down. I took my finger back. "its fine" i mumbled before stooping down to inspect my book. I shook it gently to find a small sliver of something shiny fall out. it was.....glass? I thought back to jin's hands and words from earlier. "no way...." I mumbled to myself....it wasn't wasn't possible was it? I sat,on the ground still in shock. I felt a pair of arms support me and knew they were jungkook's. "are you ok?" he asked putting a hand to my forehead. I didn't mean to but I flinched from his touch. he let out a deep sigh and sat down in front of me. "I'm sorry." he mumbled. "huh?" I said still reeling from the shock of my day.....now jungkook being nice and apologizing?? "I said..." he began again "I'm sorry.... for everything. I understand if you can't forgive me. I've been a complete jerk." I stared at him as he continued with his apology....but i could no longer make sense of his words. he looked truly sincere but, could sincerity wipe away a full month of hell he had put me through. I had to know...."why?" I whispered my thoughts. he stopped his speech looking up at me. "why?" he asked turning my question into a question of his own. "why did you hate me so much? what did I do for you to turn this school into a personal hell for me?" I couldn't hold back my tears anymore. I glanced up at him and saw the shock and horror on his face. hesitantly he reached out towards me and wiped my eyes gently with his thumbs. he bit his bottom lip before finally speaking. "I don't hate you. I never have. I.....well....I'm in love with you." my eyes widened and my tears stopped. in love with me?! was this a joke? i searched his eyes for any deception only to find none. he was being serious! "I know it might be hard for you to believe me now but i promise from this point on I am going to do everything I can to make you believe me....and maybe then you might feel the same way." he added the last part shyly. before I could even respond I felt a familiar hand grab my arm and lift me up. "we're late for class" he said as he dragged me off leaving jungkook still sitting there. this wasn't like him. the cheerfulness in his voice wasn't there. I placed my hand on his where he was still gripping my arm, it was too tight.
*Jin* lunch was not turning out at all like I had expected. I wanted to talk to her but, as soon as everyone else showed up the room grew silent. she felt awkward. i could tell by the way her shoulders tensed up and there was nothing I could do for her. I couldn't help but stare at her. she glanced my way and I smiled but that was all i could do. I notice yoongi get up and come around the table. when he placed his headphones over her ears. I saw the tension in her shoulders disappear as yoongi smiled at her. it was then I knew...and I felt defeated. taehyung made her smile. yoongi protected her in ways I never thought to. I....well I cleaned up behind the scenes... she never noticed. she looked at me again. I smiled but I still felt defeated. for once i had no interest in the food that was in front of me. I ate my portion of her lunch because she made it but the school lunch I pushed around. when lunch was over I stayed around long enough to hear yoongi in his own way confess. that was my last straw for the day. I slipped away without being noticed. I remembered the unlocked supply closet and knew that the janitor most likely left his office unlocked too. I should have known he wouldn't have left her completely defenseless. I'm surprise she didn't think to check. I wandered the hall aimlessly before deciding to check the office. that's when I saw them at her locker. she had pricked her finger on a piece of glass I missed. I mentally scolded myself for failing her even in this. I wanted to go to her but jungkook supported her as she sat down on the ground. my chest felt tight as I slipped into the shadows and sat down listening to yet another confession. I had watched over her since day one yet yoongi and jungkook had both confessed before I had. I ran a frustrated hand through my hair and hung my head. I had to do something....anything.
*yoongi* I had finally done it. I had finally confessed to her that I had been the one leaving love lyrics in her locker and i felt pretty confident. she was shocked, but she didn't seem weirded out by it. plus it's not like I had any competition. she seemed to try to be invisible. I don't know how....but she was to everyone here except me. why else was she almost always alone. I felt my confidence building as i strolled through the hallway, but as I was about to turn the corner i heard his confession. I was shocked....I wasn't the only one competing for her heart now.
*jungkook* they had taken away my week with her as a partner, but it was not over. I had to get my feelings off of my chest before my bottled up emotions drove her away for good. plus now I had to compete with jin hyung's feelings as well as taehyung's magnetic personality. every time he made her smile I became more determined. when lunch time rolled around I waited patiently for everyone to leave...but she ran from me. I know it was my own fault but it still stung. I followed her to her locker still managing to remain calm, until she cut her finger. it was only a small scratch but it still bothered me to see her get hurt. I took her finger inspecting it as if I could do something about it but she quickly took it back. she took her book and shook it to see what had cut her. I thought she was going to faint when she saw a piece of glass drop from her book, but I couldn't understand why. I wrapped my arms around her, supporting her as she slid to the floor. I reached out to check her temperature and she flinched away from my touch. I couldn't take it anymore. I sat in front of her and began to apologize for everything. I had no intention of confessing. I just couldn't have her hating me anymore. I already hated myself for hurting her so much that she would shy away from my touch like that but, when she asked me with tears in her eyes why I hated her I caved. I poured my heart out. I confessed and my heart felt so much more at ease. I wondered why I had kept my feelings bottled up this long. she was about to say something when he came and took her away. I felt the frustration come back but, I refused to take it out on her ever again. I had promised I would make her believe that my feelings were real and I intended to keep that promise. I stood up, picking up her book that was still on the ground, closed her locker and made my way to our next class. I thought they would have already made it to class when I saw them still standing around the corner and I heard him confess.
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