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It all started with one question, five words.

'Can I get your number?' The rest is history. You went from the crushing stage to having lunch dates with each others parents over a period of time. While the initial spark of curiosity and excitement may have left the texts, the love is definitely still there.
Between all the emojis and texts sent in all caps, there's specific stages that come with each text according to the relationship. I think we have all been in particular situations in our past whether we made it to each stage or not, we tried. Keep scrolling to check out nine stages of texting in a relationship.

The Crushing Stage:

It's obvious you're diggin' the kid, but you don't want to make it too obvious just yet.

The 'I Got This One In The Bag' Stage:

You've always been rather confident, but you're super confident when it comes to this person in particular.

The Clinginess Stage:

The usage of emojis has began popping up quite frequently in your text messages and most would categorize you as clingy, but you're pretty sure it's not that deep -- or is it?

The 'Kissy Emoji' Stage:

The kissy face emoji is now a thing. Does this mean you're going steady? Okay, it was a joke. But, everyone in the world of electronics knows that emoji is kind of a huge deal.

Those Three Words Stage:

By this point in time, you're probably dating and those three words have made it into your vocabulary. No, not 'babe, I'm hungry', but 'I love you'.

The Thinking Of You Stage:

Those cute texts seem to make a way into each others inbox daily. It keeps the relationship fresh.

The Comfortable Around Each Other Stage:

Movies and dinner indoors have become a thing. As much as you both enjoy dining out, sometimes it's best to spend quality time indoors. And no, this is not your typical 'netflix and chill'.

The Dining With The Family Stage:

You've become rather close with each others family, to the point where you go on solo dates with each others parents every now and then. Family bonding time is the best. Did I forget to mention how real this relationship got?

The We've Been Together Long Enough Stage:

It's probably been about a year or so now since you two have been together and chillng in the house doing absolutely nothing on the weekends is your ideal idea of a fun and romantic date.

Accurate or nah?

Is this usually how it goes?
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I had to tell myself that there's no such thing as being too caring, the right person will reciprocate the feeling tenfold. Everyone not meant to receive that feeling from you anyways, especially if their not on the same wave length, theyll bring you down to their level rather than bring enjoyment to your human experience @jordanhamilton. It sucks, we'll stop being our full selves sometimes, just to please someone who don't even know themselves. We live and learn though, The Universe will throw us some super stressful situations just to bring us back to the point of being our true selves. Which is an awesome experience.
@InVinsybll you unlocked the finial stage Mortal Kombat 馃槀馃槀. Honestly that is something I would do or send him a meme that makes him go Wtf so he can laugh at something stupid at work.
WOW! that definitely stuck out A LOT "we'll stop being our full selves sometimes, just to please someone who don't even know themselves." I've definitely been in that situation before and it sucks. no point in giving parts of yourself to someone who is the furthest from whole themselves. well said @keith2web
Awww this is actually pretty dang accurate!! And I think there are DEFINITELY stage with how much you text too. Like I seems to alway text a lot in the beginning of it, and get more comfortable as time goes on.
same here! I can text a bit too much in the beginning stages, but as long as the feeling is mutual I don't feel too bad @nicolejb