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You come to hearing someone calling your name. Wow, what is that terrible shooting pain in your head? You gingerly try to sit up, holding onto your head in case it decides to explode. Within a minute, Junho is sitting on the ground and has pulled you into his lap. He is looking around for the guards that came back in with him.
“Call the medics,” he hollers out.
“No, no I’m okay,” you manage to mumble, hoping he doesn’t yell out again. All you want to do is burrow your face deeper into the curve of his neck. If you can just get closer maybe the room will stop spinning and your stomach stop rolling.
You wince as the lights come on in the warehouse; turning your face to avoid the light in your eyes. You wish Junho would stop rocking back and forth; only it isn’t him it’s you. Junho is on the phone speaking rapidly in Korean; you don’t even care who it is or what they are saying, you just want the pain to stop. Sirens send you wincing again and covering your ears as they pull up outside the building. As the medics come rushing forward, Junho finishes up his conversation on the phone.
He reluctantly releases you when the medics make him put you down so they can examine you. They begin asking questions but it hurts to think, hurts to speak, it just hurts to be. They want to take you in for examination and right now they can do whatever they want, just so they stop flashing that light in your eyes. Junho picks you up and quickly carries you over to the ambulance; he climbs in the back with you to go along.
In the waiting room 2PM members start arriving to show their support to Junho. He keeps blaming himself for not walking out with you, then blames himself more for meeting with you while still at the set. JYP is texting him for updates, concern evident for his artist not just physically but mentally and emotionally. Jun.K calls the director to let him know what has happened at the set and that you would not be at work for at least the next day or two. The emergency room doctor comes to the door just as he finishes his call.
“Who is here with the female that was just brought in?”
Junho stands and his friends rally around him. “I am; how is she?”
“It appears she was struck in the face with a blunt object. The force sent her falling back where she struck her head. We’ve done x-rays and there seems to be no permanent damage. She didn’t require any stitches but there is also a raw, fierce looking scratch on her neck. Did she have any jewelry on? Perhaps it got stuck on an object as she fell, ripping it off.”
Junho’s hand goes to his Buddha, his mind declaring JYP’s suspicions to be true. His friends don’t miss his action nor have they missed his new accessory in the changing room.
“When can I see her?”
“We’ve given her something for the pain; I’d like to keep her for at least another hour. If she has someone to stay with her tonight and tomorrow, I’ll release her after that. A nurse can take you back when you’re ready.”
“Thank you,” he says as he bows to the Doctor and turns to his friends. They all give him hugs as they leave and he thanks them for coming. He picks up your purse and finds a nurse to take him back where you are waiting. On the way something occurs to him;
“Wait, you need her insurance information don’t you? She’s a foreigner and she wouldn’t have been in any shape to fill out the paperwork. Give me a minute, I know her wallet’s in here;” he states as he goes digging.
“No need,” the nurse states. “Someone from her work has already stopped by and filled out her paperwork. Several others have called repeatedly to check on her condition.”
“Hold on,” he states, grabbing her by the arm to stop her. “Someone filled out her paperwork? No one else knew she was here. Describe this person to me!”
She should have hit the bitch harder, now he was going to be doting on her for the next 24 hrs. That’s fine, she can have his attention for that time; she wouldn’t have it long after that. A malevolent smile appears as she turns to leave, her hand wrapped around a small object in her pocket.
I think I know who it is , grizelda u better write me in ur story so I can beat some sense into her lol
no good, no good at all. no one is to be trusted. nurse your under so much suspicion. who filled out this paperwork? we just let any old person do that? I'm glad Junho stays on his toes and asks questions. and thank goodness that injury isn't too serious. heifer stole her necklace though. smh