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First Time doing this :p thanks @JohnEvans @kpopandkimchi for making these challenges :D Happy Hunting! xD

Mah Team~

1. The Muscles: Jackson

Omg Jackson to the rescue! with his manly good looks and strong build!

2. The Brains: Sehun

He'll help sovle our problems with his "Yehets"

3.The Scaredy Cat: JHope

Of course poor Hoseoki will run away once he sees a dragonfly or hears ruffling in the bushes, but we'll take care of him!

4. Secret Weapon: Leo

Taekwoonie will stay quiet and figure out a way to save us all!

5.The Protector/Mother: N

Hakyeon has always been like a mother to vixx and now he'll be the mother of my team ~

6. The Co-Captain: Hyuk

My Hyukkie will keep the gang calm and laughing and help me lead our team to victory!

We are one Awesome Team! Fighting!!

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Nice prepared for the first challenge on Friday:)