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First Love
One who's in love with you
One you had a drunken one night stand with
Best Friend
One you end up with
First love: Jonghyun (he's my bias so it makes sense) One who's in love with me: Onew (Aww) Had a drunken one night stand with: Onew (maybe that's why he's in love with me?) Best Friend: Minho One who I end up with: Taemin (what about Jonghyun? jk I love Taemin too) Number of kids we have: 7 😱. Taemin must be really good at seducing me because there's no way I would willingly have 7 kids
yay a shinee game!!
first love: Onew, one in love with me: Onew, one night stand: Onew, best friend: Key, I end up with: Onew and we have 3 kids.
jonghyuns my first love. onew loves me and is my best friend. i end up having a drunken night with minho but i end up with my bestie onew. (all i can imagine here is second lead finally gets the girl!!! yay!) and we have 2 children.
Awww onew was my first love and the one who's in love with me but I have a one night stand with jjong and end up being with him XD and we have 7 kids! XD my bestie taemin is judging my life from a distance and I prolly broke onews heart 😩
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