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First Love
One who's in love with you
One you had a drunken one night stand with
Best Friend
One you end up with
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first love: Onew, one in love with me: MINHO!!! one night stand: Onew, best friend: Key, I end up with Minho and we have 7 kids! wow we are madly in
First Love:Minho One in love with me: Taemin (my bias) one night stand: Taemin Best Friend: Minho End up with: Taemin Kids: 4
lol this is not right no I don't feel like that taemin is my babyyy noooo lol First love Taemin one in love with you Taemin one night stand Key best friend taemin ends up with Key kids O lol omgeee hahas πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜„
First Love Onew.....I'm fine with that. One that is in love with me Onew.....I like that One night stand Key ...Hmm, we must have been very drunk Best friend Minho......I could see that Ends up with, no problem Kids 7....Ummmmm I hope a few of the kids are adopted.
First love:Minho one in love with you:Taemin one night stand:Key (I wouldn't mind that at all) ^//^ best friend:key..might be awkward ends up with: onew number of kids: 4