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Which Captain America Are You?

Drag the image to find out which one you are!

Read below to discover more about the Captain America you truly are inside.

Thoughtful Cap

Can often be found looking into the distance and dreaming about the Constitution. Smells like truth, justice, and the American way. Has never eaten a French Fry in his life.

Falling Cap

Left his parachute behind. Regrets it. Always seen jumping out of things that he should not be jumping out of. Never lands.

Meatball Cap

Much like a bird, this elusive figure leaves its mouth open hoping that a French Fry will fall in. A true American hero.

Appalled Cap

A world-weary WWII veteran who wants you to get off his lawn. Is no longer welcome on Fox News. Will not be seen because Canada was not far away enough; he now resides on the moon.


Just a beard. Never to be seen on film. This elusive figure eats razors for breakfast and works part-time covering Chris Evan's face. Communicates solely in beard-related puns.

Dorito Cap

Finally a hero we can believe in.

Finally, you to can unleash your inner Captain America

I'm sure this card changed your life but please share the details so your fellow American heroes can join you in a chorus of freedom and fries.
And now for a preview of next week's...


definitely appalled cap.never in all my years of living (and then being frozen under water)have I ever seen such and embarrassimg group of politicians running for president.
I had a beard response, but I trimmed it down to just this comment
@BelleofRay O queso that was clever XD
@JimTurpen omg I groaned out loud XD @ChosenKnight yeah it's a rough year
Dorito. I save the day with a cheesy phrase or two.
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