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Hello Vingle Nakama! So to get straight to the point, I am a serious fanfic reader. I love it when people write down their thoughts and ideals into story form about their favorite anime, manga, or whatever! It's such a magical (scary, and weird) world of writing that you can't find anywhere else! So, what I ask of you all, what's your favorite pieces of fanfiction? It doesn't matter the anime or manga; I'd just love to see what types of fanfiction so many people are into and possibly read them myself! (It does not matter how messed up the fanfic is. I know there are some weird pieces of fanfiction out there. I'll read anything and I don't judge ) Thanks!
I like kpop fanfic
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I remember reading a monty python hetalia fanfic once
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I'll read damn near any kind of fanfic. It nice to see where people can go with characters you already know
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yeess fan fiction!!!! must have it!!!
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