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WARNING!!!! POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!! I really wanna take some time to talk about this. There's a mixed reaction going on. Some critics say it's terrible, others say it's great. Some fans love it, others hate it. As a fan of the original show, I looked forward to Fuller House, but I didn't get too excited out of fear that the show wouldn't meet certain expectations. And guess what? It did meet my expectations. I really liked it. It had a strong introduction with the returning cast and new family members. Howerever, not everything is all peachy. There are a couple things that bothered me. First, let me start with what's good.
1) The Premise. I wasn't too sure about DJ taking on Danny's role, but the more I thought about it, the more I reasoned that it could work. In the first episode, you see her struggle. In "Full House", the first episode was Joey and Jesse moving in but we never saw Danny's struggle or what lead up to him asking for help. DJ's husband is dead, she's a mother of 3 boys, and she's been depending on her family for help. When her father, aunt, uncle, etc. are leaving for either LA or Las Vegas, you see her break down because now the pressure is all on her. It's not easy being a single mother and it's finally hitting her that she has to do everything on her own. That's a scary situation and you really feel for her.
2) Return of the Cast. It's so great to see the original cast again and like Uncle Jesse said, "Damn we look good." They still got it and their reunion is just fantastic. Andrea Barber, who had left acting since Full House, showed that she still had her "Gibblerness" when she reprised the role. They even got the original twins who played Nicki and Alex! That's dedication right there! Speaking of twins, I can't leave this out, the whole Olson twins situation. Yes, it's disappointing that they didn't join in on the 1st season, however, you have to look at things in their perspective. Ashley explained that she hasn't acted since she was 17, therefore isn't comfortable being in front of a camera. Mary-Kate finally said that she would consider it, but the shooting schedule was bad timing for her. Not to mention they live in NYC while the cast is in LA. So, I say cut them some slack. Hopefully, we'll see Michelle in a guest appearance or cameo in the seasons to come, but for now, the Michelle/Olson jokes are pretty funny. I nearly died of laughter in the first episode when they mentioned Michelle and then just stared at the camera. ROFL!!! Here's a link explaining their situation:,,20977780,00.html
3) The Kids. I actually like the kids. They represent the Tanner girls and Danny, Jesse, and Joey respectively. Jackson is the oldest who, like DJ, hates the invasion of his little brother and crazy about his crush at school, but has a bit of Jesse flair. Max constantly bothers Jackson because he looks up to him much like Stephanie did, but he's got some of Danny's neat freak traits. Unfortunately, we don't know what little Tommy will be like (other than being absolutely adorable) but I hope that he gives us a mix of Michelle and Joey. If there's one of the kids I think needs work, it would be Ramona. I'm glad she's her own person, but I wish I could see a little more Gibbler in her, ya know? I think she needs to stand out a little more like her mom. I'm not saying we need Ramona to be a carbon copy of Kimmy, but I feel like she's more of an adopted daughter than a biological one. I wanna see just a little bit of wackiness from her. 4) The Opportunity. There are so many things they could do with this show in this generation. Times have changed since the show last aired. We have gay rights, transgender figures, religious views, racism, etc. Technology has also grown so the writers can really work in cyber-bullying, catfishing, and so much more. The possibilities are endless. There's a lot Fuller House can do and I hope they can get to these topics in the next season or so.
Alright so what was disappointing? 1) A little too 90s. The show feels more 90s than it does 2016. I think they need to tone down the 90s theme and remind themselves that this is a new age, a new century. I really like the opening theme because it has the right touch of nostalgia and present day, but the show itself needs to feel a little more modern day, at least tone-wise. 2) Too many references to the original show. Okay this one may be my own fault because I binge watched the entire season 😳. Some shows are not meant to be binged and this is one of them. At best, watch at least 2 episodes and then wait a day or so to watch another episode, otherwise it'll get tiring. I was getting annoyed at all the Full House references, but then I realized that it was because I watched it all at once and that was my mistake. The jokes are actually spread out, but it doesn't seem that way when you watched the entire season. Redapple615 likes tv shows Redapple615 binged watched Fuller House Don't be like Redapple615
3) Steve is weird. Yeah anyone getting a strange vibe out of Steve? He's kinda creepy. I mean he keeps trying to get with DJ, which isn't bad, but he does in the weirdest way. Example: DJ goes on a walk with Steve to tell him that she's dating Matt, when he says "We should walk our dogs together every morning, and every night. Hey lets just move in together!" about you're 'moving in' too quickly? Jesus, it's not even a date and you're asking to move in? Don't go out to a fancy restaurant, DJ, he may just propose. Kinda makes you question his mental state. He's waaaay too hung up on his old flame to even move on with his life which is really sad. Think about it, how much do you think he was pining for DJ despite her being married? The woman moved in and so should he...but no. After her husband dies, at first he's curtious, but after that first episode he just goes to 50 shades of creepy. It's sad because I wanna like him like I did in Full House....but Creepy Steve is just so unlikable to me. I really hope he gets himself together for the next season otherwise he's just become my least favorite character.
So consensus? It's a good show. I'll admit, season 1 isn't very spectacular, but for what it is, it's not bad. Season 1 is a reintroduction of old characters, introducing new characters, and setting the stage for the story to come. Again, I hope we see some new age issues in the following seasons, but for now, it's okay. For the nostalgia quality, I'll give it a pass. What did you think of Fuller House? What do you wanna see them do? What did you like/dislike about it? And what would you like me to review next? Options! Give me options!
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I had a problem with Steve from the beginning, too. He makes it seem like his ex-wife was a substitute for DJ. Then again, he could be having a mental and emotional breakdown specifically going through depression. The second season in terms of Steve could be him addressing his depression and going from no social support to strong social support.
I've been writing a review for Dark Knight Rises as a sort of throwback BUT I'm taking my little cousin to see zootopia in 2 days. So which one do you want me to review for Tuesday: Dark Knight Rises or Zootopia?
I adored it and agree with your review. all the things I disliked where the things you dislike but I think Ramon should be more weird as well not just bc of Kimmy hut because of her dad Fernando...
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