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Tuomiokirkko / Lutheran Cathedral
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Oh what does the cathedral have to do with the Jews?
5 years ago·Reply
I have no clue why the cathedral have anything to do with the Jews, but it was there, I will find the photo on my camera, and show it to you in here someday !
5 years ago·Reply
There is a really nice coffee near to this catheral, from here go to the right side ! I did come her few times when i take a boat from Stockholm to Helsinki for 1 day trip :)
5 years ago·Reply
Ur from Sweden? I once had a coffee at a coffee shop by the stockmann department! By the big street, it was good too!
4 years ago·Reply
yah I live naer to Orbero, Sweden. You been to Sweden? really? What is the name of that coffeeshop ? I would go there again later this summer, if i have a chance, definitely going to pass by :)
4 years ago·Reply