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He is one of my favorites but not the number one favorite maybe number 3
I ship myself with Tae too...who wouldn't?? His sexy deep voice his illegal tongue and body moved uhhuh yeah this boy is dangerous
Are you kidding me!!! If he really had a crush on me I would die and go to hell because this boy seems to be the type that is favorite kind
Unless your in love with me too why think of me when a long song plays? Or am I your muse?? I wouldn't mind either way just being his mind is enough for me( every fan girls dream)
That's good because I need someone to be a rock for me. And he would be perfect for it. I love J-Hope
Suga my lover!!!!! No way ahh *screaming on the inside* my Suga bear I'm a happy fan girl... Thanks @PrincessUnicorn for this game it's cute