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I think about dying my hair black, but don't want to die! I am put off by all the warnings on the product, like you have to do a 24 hour skin test etc... and it sort of smells like rotten eggs or liquid latex!
Has anyone had experiences of using hair dyes good or bad, hints tips and advice?
@HairConfetti Thanks, I am no longer a hair dying virgin, mmm that does not sound right lol, yes I expect will have to scrub my scalp a little! I think I smell a little of ammonia! I hope it goes away with the next hair wash? No it was not foam based, is foam better? sorry for all the questions, and thanks again for all the advice.
Oh and to get a constant color I recommend colouring your hair by sections (top right/left , bottom right/left). Work your way from each section.
What I normally do before dying hair is place some vaseline on the skin, so it's easier to wash off! I wouldn't recommend to use it on your scalp though. Maybe just slightly near the forehead or on your hands if you're afraid it might get stained. Anyways, it should be fairly easy to wash out. Are you using foam-based?
@HairConfetti I was just going to try myself! lol yes its got an ammonia smell! does it dye your skin as well? and how difficult is it to get a constant colour? are some of the things going through my head!
@mrsmith The smell should go away with the next hair wash or two! You should use a shampoo/conditioner for color treated hair so the color last longer. I personally think foam is more gentle. The only con is you have to make sure you thoroughly foam your hair! And don't worry about asking too much questions! :)
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