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So you want to find the love of your life? Your best bet is to stop looking for bae, and start being bae.
It makes a lot of sense that the best way to attract someone super amazing is to BE super amazing yourself. That's why I think that all of us love-hungry folk need to stop searching for the perfect person, and become that person ourselves!!
If you want to be SUPER dateable, these are the 5 qualities you definitely need to foster:

1. Drive, motivation, and passion

Figure out what your passions are, and dive in.
Have goals and go after them.
Spend your free time creating or learning, instead of watching TV.
Be ambitious.
Get motivated.
Work hard.
Become interesting.

2. Quietly confident and secure

Make a list of all the things you love about yourself, and memorize it.
Take pride in your appearance.
Stand up straight.
Don't belittle, ridicule, or put down others.
Know your worth, and believe in yourself.
Work on your insecurities.
Don't chase after attention or vain recognition.
Practice confidence.
Learn to love you for you.

3. Integrity

Be honest.
Have an inner moral compass.
Listen to your conscience.
Desire to do good.
Earn the trust of others.
Have a great reputation.
Make good decisions.
Understand that the world is bigger than you.

4. Respectful of others

Love deeply.
Love everyone, even when they don't deserve it.
Take care of those who need it.
Be kind.
Respect those who are different.
Look out for the little guys.
Be the friend you'd like to have.
Tip well.
Never disrespect anyone.
Don't burn bridges.
Cheer others on, don't bring them down.
Demonstrate respect for both the important and unimportant people.

5. Real

Be an individual.
Don't be anyone but yourself.
Get to know yourself – what makes you tick? What do you need in a partner? What makes you happy?
Refuse to compromise on what's important to you.
Be authentic.
Grow out of the desire to be fake.
Laugh at what you find funny.
Cry when you feel sad.
Be open, be vulnerable, and be real with people.
Become your truest you.

What other characteristics do you find dateable? :)

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Hmmm....has to be a real person
Instructions on how to be the best human being on this planet. A true gem.
thank you for this. I'll use these