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Read the next statement and tell me if you are/aren't interested in this video game (don't worry it doesn't matter if you play games or not):

The Sinking City is inspired by Lovecraft, it's investigative in nature, and it's open world.

If you're like me, then you would've been sold by the first part of the sentence above. There's something about Lovecraftian horror that really just... gets me. The Sinking City is being developed by Frogwares (if that name sounds familiar it's because they're working on the Sherlock Holmes game I wrote about last week) and they announced it by releasing a bunch of concept art that, honestly, creeps me out.
Like this one for example. Why's this guy in the subway tunnels getting his socks wet when there's a tentacled thing hanging out on top of a subway train? He was kind of just hanging out and here comes this guy with this bright-ass light shining it in his face. Of course he's going to get enveloped by whatever that fucking thing is.
I mean, maybe I could understand. I'd want to know what that thing was even though I'd have to get knee-deep in green water and ruin my socks.
This one is kind of intense. I personally think that monsters should only be about 3 feet taller than a tall-ish human and maybe a couple inches wider. So seeing that giant crab? No, maybe it's like an amalgamation of a crab and and a tentacle and that one kid who used to bully me in primary school.
Yeah. That one. I hate you kid who used to bully me.
I don't know when this game is coming out but I want to know what you all think of these screenshots. Is this something you think you'd want to play? Would you be too much of a fuddy-duddy to want to play a game that looks this terrifying? I don't know. I don't have the answers. I don't even have the answers for myself. That's why I'm asking you guys.
@TurtleyTurtles same here. I'm wondering what they have planned in terms of gameplay mechanics
@InVinsybll we can be fuddy-duddy buddies
It all depends on what the gameplay is like. If it's a shooter, I'm not interested in playing it, but I'd be interested in watching my boyfriend play it. Unless it's as terrifying like Alien Isolation was... Holy anxiety! I'm looking forward to seeing more of this game as it develops.
I am certainly a fuddy-duddy, but this still looks awesome
This looks amazing!!
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