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I'm not that old, but I must admit in my short period of time on this earth, computers have went through massive changes to their design and system.
Even the most tech savvy individual gets caught off guard here and there by a new design. Today, I caught wind of a film of kids reacting to seeing Microsoft Windows 95 for the first time. The results were hilarious!
The beginning of this video shows these children attempting to turn on a Dell where “the monitor is bigger than the actual computer itself.”
Then, as the computer starts up, the kids remark on the buzzing noises that the Dell makes. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard a computer make these sounds before in my life,” one girl says. They also remark on how long it takes for the computer to boot up.
I have to admit, growing up you could start your computer, go for a morning run and by the time you came back your computer was still in the midst of booting up.

Isn't it crazy how far computers have come in the past 20 years?

@shannonl5 yeah, gotta give them one of the score board for this video lol
@danidee yeah this made me feel old also, but certain things they were talking about, Like the Load time didn't bother me as much then, was happy to have anything at all lol
I use this it was a pain in the butt i hated it. now i feel old this come out when i was 5.
@christianmordi I'm just glad modems are completely different now lol.
I feel old as dirt because I legitimately remember when people were freaking out about Windows 95 coming out like people would freak out about a new iPhone coming out today lol.
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