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Topp Dogg is a ten-member hip-hop boy group from South Korea formed by Cho PD under Stardom Entertainment in 2013. Topp Dogg have released 6 albums (including repackages) and 1 single.
Mixtapes were released in March and April 2012. Members began being introduced in 2013.
On October 22nd, 2013, the band debuted on TV with "Say it", and two days later their first EP, "Dogg's Out", was released. The Repackaged version included a new title "Cigarette" and a Chinese version for "Say It".
On January 13, 2014, Stardom Entertainment released a teaser for the second mini album of Topp Dogg. On January 16, 2014, Topp Dogg made their comeback with their second mini album titled "Arario". They released a 'special' album "Arario Special Edition" in February 2014.
On 9 June 2014, it was revealed that Topp Dogg will release their third mini-album called "AmadeuS" with the title track "TOPDOG". However, a few days before the official release, the entire album was leaked on the internet. The label attempted remove the songs as fast as possible, and later took legal action against the culprit.
In August, 25th, Topp Dogg repackaged their last album and released the "AmadeuS Deluxe Edition" with three new tracks in.
For their first anniversary Topp Dogg released a new "old school" song, "Annie", on October 16, 2014.[7] Which is a short for "Anniversary".
Concerts for an American tour were held in Houston, Texas; Miami Beach, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia during February 2015. In July 2015, Stardom signed with Hunus Entertainment.
On July 28, 2015, former Under Dogg Member Leon (Cavan Chen) posted on his Instagram account regarding his departure from the group.
Topp Dogg members:
Park Sehyuk - P-Goon
Kim Taeyang - Jenissi
Jeon Hojoon - Hojoon
Yu Sangdo - Sangdo
Shin Yooncheol - Nakta
Kim Hansol - Hansol
Kim Byungjoo - B-Joo
Shin Jiho - Xero
Kim Sanggyun - A-Tom
Seo Sangwon - Yano
Under Dogg sub-unit members:
Han Jiwon
Shim Jaehoon
Former members:
Cavan Chen - Leon
Park Hyunho - Seogoong
Jin Hyosang - Kidoh
Kim Dongsung - Gohn
@PrettieeEmm there are 4 Kims and all but 1 are on my bias list, FML
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wow this group has a lot of members. I haven't heard of them so I'm interested in finding out about them.