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Kanye West has been on a rampage in 2016 on social media.
Today, the rapper announced he's over tangible music that can be collected and cherished, and he wants to move to streaming only.
So that means no more cd's will be made of Kanye West's music.
For many, this is a sad day for music fans.
I personally LOVE vinyl and cd's. I love opening the package, reading the booklet of lyrics and cool insight the artist likes to give on each song. CD covers and packets give you a greater glimpse of their creative process. I also like having a physical copy in my possession, in my home or car. It's something about being able to hold a product you bought.
For someone who is constantly misunderstood like Kanye West, I am surprised that he wants to get rid of CD's.

Is Kanye right? Should we get rid of cd's?

@ladyluna Kanye has been a handful as of late to deal with, I'll give you that lol
@shannonl5 so even if it was included in like package deal for an extra like 5 bucks you wouldn't take a physical copy? I think the lyric details, backstory and additional cuts only available on a physical could give them value
Hell no. he's just mad and jealous that ppl aren't buying his crappy work
Yeah, I too have not bought a CD in a very long time. I don't think I even own anything that can play a CD (my laptop included)
He's an idiot and just needs to retire already.
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