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So I started writing this story thinking it would just be another oneshot but it has actually turned out that I am going to need at least two or more parts for this one. I cannot finish it tonight but I figured I would post Part 1 here and add the rest of the story on Thursday (provided I do not have too much homework). Please Enjoy!!
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The music filled the large hall and you watched from the second floor as the guests twirled elegantly to the violins, pianos, and other instruments. The colored dresses spun into each other creating a colorful rainbow of lace, cloth, and fluff. You signed to yourself and wondered how they managed to dance in their dresses. You looked down at the pretty gold and cream colored gown your mother had picked out for you. It was beautiful, you had to admit, but it was heavy and you felt like you could barely move. How did women used to do this all the time at balls? You wondered momentarily.
“The party is for you, why are you up here instead of down there mingling?” You rolled your eyes before turning to smile at your mother. “You look more beautiful than any of those worthless girl’s downstairs. Why are you hiding your face up here?”
“Mother even if I was down there they won’t be able to see my face under my mask.” You turned back to the crowd. “Not like they wouldn’t know who I was.” You mumbled to yourself. That was the price of being the only heir to a multibillion dollar company and daughter to a filthy rich father. You were the equivalent of a modern day princess, and you hated it. The people who tried to get on your good side were just trying to make a good connection and use you, and the people that didn’t want your money would stay away from you because you were perceived as a snob.
“I thought you said that is why you wanted to have a masquerade ball this time?” You shook your head softly. Saying you wanted a masquerade ball was only a way to get her to leave you alone. You had never had one before so it was the first thing that popped into your mind. Your mother insisted on having these endless array of parties because you had refuse to marry for convenience to the company. You were the only daughter and had ‘Daddy’ wrapped around your finger, so it was easy for you to talk him into letting you pick someone of your own choice. Your mother on the other hand, hadn’t been too pleased. She had finally agreed to let you pick your own suitor but it had to be out of a group of men she found acceptable, and that is why you had to attend these parties. The girls were just show to keep the men from getting too bored but everyone knew the prize cattle was you.
The men that attended the party didn’t want you, they wanted your father’s company. Greedy men who wished to take over the large corporation your grandfather had started, knew that the only way to do so was to capture you. So they came, every month to the parties your mother would throw. They would crowd you and try to catch your attention, they would bring lavish gifts that you think your nanny Abigail would stuff, still wrapped, into one of the many empty rooms in your castle of a home.
“Mother? Can we just stop this?” You asked honestly.
“Stop what dear?” Your mother swayed to the music watching the girls below dance.
“The parties, the forcing me to try to find someone to marry right now. I don’t think I am ready to be married yet.” You turned your gaze away from your mother when you saw the shocked look grow on her face. “None of these men want me.”
Your mother turned and spun you to look at her. “Of course they want you, that is why they come every month.” She smiled as if she had just answered all of the questions of the universe.
“No Mother, they do not want me. They want Father’s company. I am just the barrier they need to pass through to get their hands on it. You are just making this a game for them. Which snobby rich boy can win the ice princess’ heart? Winner gets ‘Daddy’s’ company.” You sighed and shook your head. “I wish they didn’t know who I was. I wish to meet someone who likes me for me, not for Father’s bank account.”
Your mother looked at you like you had just slapped her in the face and you knew the yelling was about to start. “Y/N (Full Name). You will go down there and you will mingle with the men I have decided are good enough for you. You will find a suitor and you will be married before spring, or I will personally set up a marriage with the man I see fit and your father will not be able to interfere.” With that your mother turned and you listen to the sound of her heels clicking against the tile angrily.
“Well that went well.” You breathed to yourself. She had finally reached her breaking point and you were running out of luck. You had no idea who she would pick if given the chance, but something told you that she would be more interested in how much money they had, how the man looked, and what is father was willing to offer for you to marry his son, than if he actually loved you and wanted to be with you. Not for the first time you wished you were not born in this family. Would things be simpler if you were just a normal girl and could fall in love with whomever you wanted?
You sighed loudly and picked up the hem of your dress so you would make your way down the stairs. After getting angry like that, your mother would make a large scene if she knew you didn’t actually go down and say hello to the guest.
Your held your breath and moved to make your way into the crowd. You laughed to yourself as the people parted like the red sea. No one dared stand in your way as you walked slowly through the dance floor. As always all eyes were on you and you came to a stop in the middle of the room looking around at all of the colored, feathered, and glittered masks staring back at you. “Hello everyone. Thank you for joining me today. I hope you enjoy yourselves.” With that you moved to leave the dance floor and the music began once again.
You were almost free of the dance floor when a hand reached out and grabbed your arm gently. “You are not going to dance yourself?” You turned and looked at the man curiously. He was the first person to ever dare to touch you and he spoke to you with a slightly harsh tone.
You narrowed your eyes slightly and shook your head. “I am not much of a dancer.” You replied back simply.
“They why throw a ball every month?” The corner of his mouth turned up into a smirk and you raised an eyebrow slightly.
“It is not as if it is my own choice to hold a ball. I am simply a scapegoat used so that these balls shall continue.” You pulled your arm gently away from him and turned so you were facing him. “I take it you know who I am, but I have yet to catch your name.”
He bowed slightly and looked up at you. “My name is not important. I was simply here to see what the lovely Ice Princess looked like.”
You held back the urge to show the man any kind of reaction. People really called you ice princess? “Ice Princess? If that is what they are calling me then I guess it musts be so.” You paused and looked him up and down. “You say you are just here to see me; I assume this is your first time to one of these balls?”
He nodded his head. “I do not live in the area and do not have time to make it to such marital based events often.”
This caused you to laugh. “Interesting, most people pretend like they do not know the intention of these balls. They seem as if they think I am not informed of the reason behind them and try to get the upper hand by being ‘sneaky’.”
He smiled only softly. “I would assume you would be smart enough to know what your parents have planned. You would have just agreed to the marriage of convenience if you weren’t smart enough to talk your way out of it.”
You froze and looked at him. No one knew that you had talked your way out of the first marriage your parents purposed. Just who is this man and how does he know so much about you? “I must say you do seem to know an offal lot about me, but you refuse to tell me who you are. Doesn’t that seem a bit one sided?”
“It is extremely one sided, but if I tell you all of my secrets how am I supposed to get you to talk to me longer?”
You glared at him and went to move away. It was a game to him too. Just like everyone else, he was practically begging for your attention. Once again you felt a hand grab your arm and you turned to yell at him, but he pulled you onto the dance floor and flawlessly joined in the choreographed dance. Not wanting to trip over your own feet you started dancing along with him. “Persistent aren’t you?” You hissed at him quietly.
“When dealing with an Ice Princess you cannot exactly use normal methods. She will just ignore you that way.” He smiled at you mockingly and you felt your temper only rise.
“You seem to think you have some chance here.” You stated simply.
“I do.” That was all he said. No explanation no reasons, just I do.
“Ah so not just persistent but overly cocky too. What a winning combination.” You pursed your lips. “You have no better luck than any of the other gold diggers here trying to win my Father’s company.”
“What if I said I have no interest in the company?”
“I would tell you that you are lying.” You didn’t even have to think about your response, it had just simply slipped from your lips naturally.
“How would you know that I was lying?” He raised his eyebrow curiously.
“Because all of you are the same. No man in this room is interested in anything other than my father’s company and his fortunes.” You stated.
“Ah, I suppose that would make sense then.” He paused for a moment. “But I am not here for those things. In fact, I have my own money and my own company. Taking on another would be far too complicated.”
“Then why are you here in the first place? My parents want me to marry someone to take over the company.”
“That is true, but I am not here to beg for someone else’s money.”
He had peaked your attention. You had no idea who this man was but you were sure that he was not like the others.
Hope you are enjoying the story so far. First 2PM story I have written and if you are wondering, I actually got the inspiration for this story by watching the 'My House' MV. (But listening to songs is how I get most of my inspiration. Every story I have written started with a song I found catchy or found interest in the lyrics.)
On another note, because this one is going to be a bit longer it might take me a little bit of time to get the next chapter of Diamonds out. Please look forward to it.
As always thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!!
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