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I constantly [this is a lie] think about what it would be like to play as the NPCs in the video games I play as. I always wonder [this is a lie] how fun it would be to swirl around as a pebble and pebble [not a verb] it out with my buds [has no buds] over the course of eternity.
If you've ever found yourself wondering and thinking and wishing these same things [you probably don't] you can experience that in Everything. Everything is a game where you can play as everything you see on the screen. There's everything, then there's Everything and then there's:


Everything gives you everything.
Your main power in the game is simply just Being. And Being Everything is something that I've always dreamed about. I look at things -- let's say everything -- and then I wonder what it would be like to be in control of everything. I also like this game news because it gives me a reason to say Everything and everything and there's a distinction between the two since one of them is capitalized and the other one is just regular everything.
Also, I've typed everything and Everything and EVERYTHING so many times now that the word looks fucking weird to me. You ever do that? Just type the same word over and over and over and over [like this] again and your mind will make that word look like a confusing jumble of symbols. And that's where philosophy starts.
That's where you can start questioning everything because the word looks so weird you don't even know what Everything is. I honestly forgot the distinction between Everything, everything, and EVERYTHING.
Everything will be exclusive to PS4 and will be released when finished.
@poojas haha same here... I'm kind of interested in seeing how this game turns out
I'm thoroughly confused and very intrigued...
@InVinsybll the only accent I talk to myself in is a Welsh accent, sir.
by which, the words don't sound jamaican, you were just talking to yourself in that accent while writing it
I imagined you writing this in a Jamaican accent.
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