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I saw this picture online and I had to share it! LOOK AT HOW CUTE THESE LITTLE KITTIES ARE IN THEIR COSPLAYS!
Turns out there's a whole bunch of cute little cosplay kitties around! So I put together some pictures of adorable cosplay kitties being little cosplay cuties.

The Joker & Batman (Catman? Batcat?)

Darth Vad-purr, Top Cat, Catkarot!

Even a Fallout kitty! Probably can't get dogmeat for a companion though...

My favorite kitty cosplay of all .... One Puuuuuuuunch!

Would you make your cat cosplay?

If you could, what characters?

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so cute
2 years ago·Reply
Very cute but if I tried to do to my cat she'd kill me :0 ↑^↑
2 years ago·Reply
I don't have a cat but I have a dog! This Halloween I'm going to try to make her look like Wolf Link from Twilight Princess with the help of a LOT of colored hair spray....
2 years ago·Reply