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How casual is your Friday?

One of the cool things about us is that we come from all walks of life. I know there's a lot of students out there, some parents, some working people, and I wouldn't be surprised if there's someone in the community that's all three! Which brings me to casual Friday. We've been great about keeping things on-topic, but this card is where you can totally let loose! Any random thoughts you have that you have the burning need to share can go here. Off-topic questions, comments, words of encouragement, let loose! (Just keep it cool).
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You forgot the the; "I hope you're not lactose I tolerant because the last part of this word is dary, Legendary!!!
@Laxus That's what i was waiting for, @shannonl5
@shannonl5 I heard thore was going to make his own business with spiderman as the delivery guy, hulk being security and jarvis being H.R
@Laxus haha milk that joke for all it's worth ;)
@jevonlowery I feel like they'd be a fortune 500 in no time