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Yoongi Radio Show
Starting the birthday off as a radio DJ. So cute
DJ Purple hair Suga!
Hobi, Tae, and Jimine join some fun!
Jimin gives him a present. Look at how tight he's holding it. Yoomin everyone!!
Yoongi goes and puts the sweater on, Hobi gives him fish. Reaction is amazing!
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@CreeTheOtaku My feels are ready
a year ago·Reply
@CreeTheOtaku @Emealia everyone fend for yourself on comeback. make sure you have blankets and tissues
a year ago·Reply
loving this purple hair
a year ago·Reply
omg purple...min lilac._. min yoongrape._____.
a year ago·Reply
@LemonLassie I miss the orange hair, but he looks so mature with the brown hair. Like BAM! OMFG, what am I to do with this boy?
a year ago·Reply