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This week the Bulletproof Team is talking about our biases pre-debut; and looking stuff up made me find some gold and find out some mind blowing facts! I think this is some stuff that every Hobi fan should see! So get ready to have some knowledge dropped on you!

Starting off with some pre-debut pics; he's always been such a cutie

A few more because he's seriously so darn cute

Now let's watch some super pre-debut dancing videos from 2009. He was roughly 14 or 15 years old at the time. Side note: Unlike Suga and Rap Monster, Hoseok was never an underground rapper. He was, however, involved in the underground dance scene at one point.

This is his audition tape for JYP!

Side note: Now, this style of dancing actually takes a ton of body control and muscle to hold your body in place in order to get the desired look to the movements. It's difficult and you can tell how much better he became between 2009 and this! It's not the typical dance they do in BTS but it's a skill to behold and takes mass amounts of dedication to get it down. I wish he could show this off more because I love it.
This is a performance he did as a trainee for JYP and if you can't find him on stage, he's the one in a suit jacket with no shirt underneath. Pretty awesome to see how he grew as an entertainer and increased his dancing styles! Side note: BigHit was a sub company of JYP so he didn't get kicked out of JYP or anything like that; but likely transferred in the same way 2 AM did. BigHit is now independent so that's how that all happened.
This is his 2011 audition and it shows that he added even more personality to his dancing and made it more unique to him. He also showed off how well he could rap!
In fact! He did so well that in 2012 he was included on a track for a solo album by well-known artist Jo Kwon from 2 AM. He performed on stage with him many times and was on the track listed as Jung Ho Suk! His part comes on at about 2:20. Personal note: This blew my mind because I had no idea he was in that song! This was my second favorite song off that album and always loved to (attempting to) rap along with his part because it was tight, but I had never put 2 and 2 together! I literally found this out yesterday and felt kind of dumb for never knowing that! That was the marking of my first official fan girl moment, I dropped my phone and squealed out of excitement! It made me so happy! And it was a sign for me that he was meant to be my bias because I loved his rapping before I even knew about BTS or J-Hope! Yes, I'm that dorky.
Added bonus this has both J-Hope and Jungkook as back up dancers for I'm Da One live! The actual music video featured J-Hope, Jin, Suga, V, and Jungkook as back up dancers and extras!

All I can say is that this took some serious digging, but it was well worth it! I hope you guys made it through all of the card and enjoyed all his pre-debut beauty! He worked hard and he made it because of his determination!

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he was our hope before he came our hope
Hobi was born to be in BTS
OMG!!!!! Why why J-hope why must he torture me
J-Hope is the best!
J-Hope is on my bias wrecker alert.
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