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today is this losers B-Day! u guys don't understand how much I love this guy (3 today my BFF showed me a pic of him during class and I said out loud "he sexy" and I didn't get in trouble!
this guy is my life. I used to be obsessed with V but then this guy came into my life <3
this loser stole my ♥. and I'm proud to say that ♥ I wouldn't be who I am today without him ♥
this guy is I just can't even explain..I LOVE THIS GUY MORE THEM MY BF AND ALL MY BFFS. it's my dream to meet this guy. and I already know that's not going to happen. all my best friends think I'm crazy because they like rm,jin,and jhope
and the memes that he is in our hilarious.This guy just means to much to me.
happy birthday grandpa..never get older or ugly! ILY OPPA!!
oh and happy birthday oppa. I know I'll never meet u in person. but I dream. ILY ♥