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I've been primarily a console gamer for most of my life -- I've had a bunch but the two below are the two that I've had the most time with -- and after getting a PS4 last year I started wondering how people "say goodbye", so to speak, to their old gaming consoles.
Sometimes it means trading in your old system for a newer system and other times it means packing it away. Before you guys share the way you've said goodbye to some of your older systems, here are two ways I've said goodbye to mine.


I had a PS2 for a really long time. Pretty much since it came out, actually. And I've even upgraded to the Slim PS2 when that came out. It was one of my favorite systems and I can still remember all the fun I had playing it. I spent HOURS playing all of the MGS titles and 100%-ing them before that was even a thing that you could share with people. But when it was time to let it go, I thought about trading it in for the newest system at the time but I couldn't.
And honestly, I ended up playing PS2 a lot more than my 360 for the first couple of months after I bought it. This was one of the times that I was glad I held onto my older systems instead of getting rid of it.

Xbox 360

Because of the infamous Red Ring of Death, I went through a ton of Xbox 360s. But that didn't deter me from playing the thing and getting new ones every year or so. I spent so much time with this lady so when it finally came time to put it away (after I got a PS4 as a gift), I was a little bummed out. There weren't many games that I wanted to return to on my 360 so my farewell to my Xbox was a bit colder than the one I gave to my PS2.
And right now, I'm pretty sure it's collecting dust somewhere in a closet crying we're electronic cries to itself. I'm sorry Xbox. But you're boring now.
Anyway, what ways have you said goodbye to your older consoles? Are there any that you have amazing memories with? If so, let me know in a comment below or a card with cute pictures of animals!
I don't say goodbye I keep them, right now my 3DO, Dreamcast and a few others is at my brothers house in new york. My nephew killed my game cube, I was pissed because I loved RE 0 at the time lol. I just can't I'm a electronic hoarder 馃槀 you don't want to know how many hdmi or coax cables I have.. Don't get me started with the 12 foot ethernet cord
I don't say goodbye to my consoles. I'll put them away for a while, while I play newer games, but eventually you run out of those, and go back to the older ones. I have a PS3 that isn't backwards compatible, so I can't play PS2 games on it. So when I finished up Lightning Returns, I went back to the PS2 to try to finally beat Final Fantasy 12. (I never did, because I got Tales of Xillia.) I still have my Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, and Gamecube, too. We hardly play the Wii, but it's all set up, along with the Gamecube, (Mario Kart: Double Dash!) I actually plan to break out my SNES to play some Tetris Attack, soon!
@LAVONYORK is right! You never say good to them....everr!
Can't say goodbye to them. I still have my old ones~
tee hee
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