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Today Jackson's sexy day! I thought I would just share a few pictures of him that I love! My goodness look at that face!!! He is melting my heart
I really like this first picture of Jackson! In my opinion there is nothing sexier to me then when Jackson is happy and smiling! He is like a ray of sunshine you know? He smiles at you and you can't help but smile too and feel all giggly! And look at him and BamBam together! Aren't they the cutest...of course not as cute as Markson but you know!
I love both of these gifs because I think it is really cute when Jackson shows skinship with his hyungs. Look at the way Jb just smiles and looks at Jackson. Look at how comfortable Mark with letting Jackson hold his hand! You can really tell the guys love each other!
Thought I would just add this one because I thought this was pretty sexy! Aisshhhh ... Jackson you are sexy every day in every way!
ugh bae!! i love when he holds their hand wish it was mine though 😍😍
@SusiBosshammer seriously! they know exactly what they are doing
JB and Jackson need to stop, my heart cant take it!