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Well actually mine is today and his is tomorrow, "technically," but we're both celebrating it today so I'm counting it that way!

Happy Birthday Lovebug!

I wish you the most happiest of days and the most beautiful moments to come

Along with lots and lots of sleep

Keep on smiling with you're gummy smile

Not for just us but for yourself as well

Enjoy lots and lots of cake to your hearts content

But please don't get sick

Have fun being a 23 year old grandpa

Happy Birthday to Us!

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@JohnEvans Yes very much so! It has been a relaxing day. 馃榿
@kelseyblair That's good...I'm glad you're enjoying it :)
@JohnEvans Thanks so much. 22 and not getting any younger 馃槶
@SabrinaSakura Such a sweet card. It's so nice of you to do that!