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I know. I know. I know.

It's been out forever. People love it. I'm late. If 5 people repost this with their secrets, I promise I'll watch it this weekend! In fact... I dare you ;)
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@Boggleman I knowwwwww
I hated that movie so I think it's better to not see it (x Lol
@Thatperson512 awww XD I like Andrew Garfield but I was super busy the year it came out and at this point I'm like.... people love it and hate it and it's just ridiculous that I haven't seen it yet XD
I'm gonna be completely honest, I haven't been able to see Agent Carter... I feel bad 馃様
@KarleyFrance my favorite!!! T_T haha it's ok! The second season should be completely on Hulu now! No time like the present....