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Kim Jinhwan is the oldest member of ikon so they all look towards him for guidance and someone to talk to. With that being said he is also the easiest member to pick on as we have seen on many occasions.
He is from jeju island also he has a really bad (sexy) habit of sticking his tongue out, and it will literally drive you insane. Don't believe me? Just wait. * laughs evilly*
Thought I was bluffing didn't you. ^_^
But wait there is more O_O. Everyone thinks of Jinhwan as being cute, but he is sneaky and according to June he is very manly.
He also is part of the reason Yunhyeong didn't quit he used to stay late and work with him. Jinhwan gave him hope.
Jinhwan is also very sensitive and can cry easily, but honestly I find that super attractive is that just me?
If someone would stop him from stealing my heart that would be nice. ( You can't help but fall for him.)
he's just a little angel walking on earth. ❤❤❤😇
@ivyheart13 he was born in 94 and it's easy to forgot
what year was he born? sometimes I forget that he is the oldest
I love this little bit sized baby😍😍😍😍
he's too sweet ❤❤❤
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