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Tonight, something amazing is going to happen to the world, and you are definitely going to want to see it!
Start at 8:38 pm, and lasting for just four minutes and nine seconds, the moon will fully block the sun from the earth.
Eclipse typically happen every four or so times per year, but a TOTAL eclipse (when the moon covers the entire disc of the sun) is a lot more rare.
And here's how to catch it.
Step 1: Figure out how to Watch It.
Unfortunately, unless you Indonesian islands (specifically Sumatra, Borneo, or Sulawesi) or on a boat in parts of the Pacific Ocean, you can't ACTUALLY see it Live.
No, worries. The folks at NASA have you covered. Just watch the lifestream of it <<<<<HERE>>>>>.
I conveniently made a conversion for us U.S. peeps to watch it. But make sure to check when it is for your country!
8:38 pm EST
7:38 pm CST
6:38 pm MST
5:38 pm PST

Step 2: Rejoice in the name of Science!
Most of you probably didn't know this but the eclipse is more than just a stunning show. It's actually an incredibly rare chance for scientists to study the sun.
This event means bountiful amounts of photos and data for NASA and other scientists. So throw a party!! Planet in the name of science ;)
Step 3: Make moon/sun themed snacks.
Every party needs a little sustenance. My suggestions: moon pies, sun chips, oranges, and any circled-type foods you can think of - pies! cake! pizza!
Step 4: Since it is not just a regular "eclipse" but instead a rare 'total eclipse,' I've declared the theme song for the event shall be Bonnie Tylers hit song "Total Eclipse of the Heart."
You must listen during the moment of eclipse. That is all.

Who else is going to watch this?

I got pics of NASA's live feed if any of u guys missed it or didn't get some pics. I posted some of them on a card. @SarahVanDorn @alywoah @atmi @MajahnNelson @LysetteMartinez @normabm7 @InVinsybll
@atmi Thats such a sweet way 2 think of it! U r gonna make me cry 2...
I watching live nasa seems spooky lol
yeah, I feel like somethings going to pop out of the moon or something!! haha you'd think they'd pick something more majestic @AtisutoMeru
Haha you two can get a boat together and find it :P @SarahVanDorn @InVinsybll Can you see it where you are?? @normabm7 No problem :) I'm actually SUPER stoked to see it myself. We should have a live group chat to talk about it!! @AtisutoMeru @LysetteMartinez
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