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Lets call a spade a spade: McDonald's has dominated the fast food world in the past 6 months.
McDonald's has adapted with the times by enhancing what they do well and exploring new options outside of their standard menu. As a result, sales are up.
Burger King opted to fight back, shocking the world by adding hot dogs to their menu. Many expected this risk to blow up in their face, but it's actually been the opposite.
According to BK, the average store is selling between 80-120 hot dogs per day.
“There has been an overwhelming response,” CEO Dan Accordino said on the call. “The advertising for the grilled hot dogs didn’t even start until [Thursday]. So all you have seen so far is what you have seen on social media.”
What’s more, he noted, the hot dogs are “incremental,” meaning consumers order them with other items, driving up the chain’s average check.

My fellow Vinglers, have you tried a hot dog at Burger King? If so, how are they? Are they better than the burgers?

I'd like to add that BK putting hot dogs on the menu came after McDonald's did. In the early nineties McDonald's was as usual too far ahead of times. They added hot dogs to the menu and unfortunately it flopped. People at that time weren't looking for a varied menu they were enjoying their cheeseburgers and BigMacs.
I haven't been to Burger King in years. How much do the hot dogs cost? It they're a buck, I might be interested....
We have hungry Jack's here instead of burger king, I think they are the same thing. I like their whoppers, better burger than McDonald's, but I don't think the hotdogs are available here yet (why I'm not surprised? if the world ends today, we'd be the last one to know too...)
Their burgers taste like crap but I would be willing to try a hot dog. They can't possibly mess that up can they?