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I've been thinking a lot about the Dragon Age series recently and I couldn't help but remember one of the cutest cuties in all of Ferelden (or Thedas for that matter), Alistair Theirin.
In the first Dragon Age game, Origins, he joins your party right at the start. So I've always felt some kind of loyalty to him because it's like he was my first friend in Thedas, you know? But he's clever and witty and funny. And he can even become King if you help convince him that that's the right course of action. And whether or not he stays with the Wardens or becomes all Kingly, he still has his signature wit.
He shows up again in Dragon Age 2 for a brief moment. Although, he does look like he's fallen on some harsh times. I wasn't a fan of DA2 as much... and maybe it's cause we were missing a little more Alistair in the game, right?
But he comes back in Inquisition looking like the most handsome dude I've ever seen in my life. I mean look at that face. Look at that weird mysterious eyebrow thing he's doing. Don't you just want to be his friend? Don't you just want to ask him about his day and he'll tell you something about swooping still being bad. Geez. I miss this guy.
Have any of you guys played Dragon Age? Who's your favorite handsome person from the game?
Omg I made sure my character got with Al. What made me angry when he had to go with the other girl to be King. The characters feels.. And Mass effect left me with character feels too.
I really enjoyed playing orgins and the expansions but have yet to play DA2 or Inquisition. The cutest one I though was, Leliana. I really like her enjoyed her story and just her as a character.
@lanejlzero ... actually maybe you should skip DA2... That one isn't so good.
@lanejlzero Leliana is such a good character. She's kind of off doing something else in DA2 (not really a spoiler, don't worry) but she comes back in a big way in Inquisition (also not a spoiler). That being said, you should try and pick them up!
@LAVONYORK, there's actually a way that you can become queen if you and Alistair both survive the end of the game. I've only seen it done once, so I don't really know how to do it. My girlfriend at the time did and she felt so great about it. Like jumping around the room excited