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Feeling stumped? Fear not.

If you're in the Marvel community and feeling totally stumped about what you should share here, we [Wade and I] are here to help! Here's a few prompts to help you get started, with more to come! So the next time you see a traveling Wade:
You know it's a prompt! And here they are:

Share stuff you're excited about!

A Loki x Thor fic you want to talk about? Deadpool fanart you think deserves our attention? Another Civil War meme to help us through the pain? That's what we're here for!

You got gripes. We get it.

Sometimes the movie adaptations fall short. Or maybe there's a character you think should have been portrayed better. Let the Marvel community be your stitch n' bitch club.

Nobody knows what the future holds...

But we all sort of wish we did. Wacky theories! Hopes and dreams! Internet rumors! It's all legit. Do us a favor and dish.

Sharing is caring.

Remember what I *just* said about rumors? They're even better when they're legit! If you discover a juicy secret about an upcoming movie you need to do your fellow fans a solid and tell us! Even if we've heard it before, we'll have SO MANY FEELINGS about it. No news is definitely not good news.

Let us help you out!

Looking for comic book recs? Some obscure piece of trivia you're not sure about? Just need to flail over Bucky Barnes' sad face? We're here for you.

Anything and everything Marvel related!

Anything about the characters, the shows, the writers, the movies, the stories, and of course the comics. As long as it's about Marvel it's fair game! Feel free to steal these prompts to inspire you or create your own! This is your space ^_^