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If the mainstream media is our society's main discriminator of information, and the primary source for accumulating news, are we learning what we should learn? Is our quest for knowledge being manipulated to serve interests of cooperate, or political gain, or general gossip for getting people to think differently from the real reason? It seems the mainstream media today has provided us with fear and prejudice by shifting away from the important facts and replace them with something distracting. It reminds me of how the media is discounting Bernie Sanders and how he is not fit for president, but the way they inform us is the same way people are scared of change.
If we assume that creating a more objective citizenry is a good thing, then unbiased, unfiltered information which nourishes into proper knowledge, is beneficial. But how does that benefit US and make OUR lives better? Does being smart have to be a majority on top of everything? It shouldn't be based on our IQ test results, but of the ways we use our intelligence in different ways. There are eight types of intelligence and have there way of understand the person. Awesome stuff, right? But if we're going to inspire goals, we should express how we USE the power that derives from knowledge; the ones that can affect our lives, and to an extent, impact the world. We can use this to earn a comfortable living. Similarly, we can utilize the power that comes from knowledge to help us make more informed personal, professional, and political decisions. More importantly, it helps us understand ourselves. What ideas are worth fighting for and ultimately shape our legacy. Through this, we lead down the path to wisdom, like this card I'm writing, and to enrich the lives of others. It can scare the shit out of us, but it can make us more wise and realize that the words and deeds of wisdom originated from some bits of the past.
Ohh this is really good. I consume a lot on a daily basis, and I try to get a diverse amount. Some that could create some pretty negative ideas and thoughts though. It's good creating ideas based off what we gain from the excess amount of knowledge, but being able to dissect it all I think is also important.
Ideas are a very powerful thing. If you get one stuck in your head for long enough, you'll convince yourself it's true. You're definitely on to something here.