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Okay, team. Another love-related Would You Rather question for you all! 😈

Would you rather be able to touch your loved ones but not talk to them, OR be able to talk to your loved ones but not get within 3 feet of them?

For the first option, you're able to hug, kiss, touch, but you have no way of communicating with them – no talking, no writing, no other loophole.
For the second, you can talk to them, write to them, communicate however, but you're never allowed to touch or be closer (any part of you) than 3 feet.

Choose wisely! >:)

I guess I done one and two and it depends on the person, sometimes just touching can tell you more about someone than talking, and some times talking can be more intimate than touching, I think for the moment I miss touch more. but its harder to have any length of relationship where you don't talk...
Since I think actions speak louder than words, I'll take the first option - touch!
Jezus this is hard. But I would say touch
This was hard, but I'd say touch.
i think touch has alot of meaning beyween couples so the would choose to not speak
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