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The game was made by @PrincessUnicorn and is called "Bangtan Screenshot Game #7- 1000 Days With BTS". Link--》

Well I mean, it's technically not wrong... You and Yoongi Hoseok, you and Yoongi ^-^

Wae?! ash claimed him ;-; guys I can't

*whispers to jungkook* tell him to meet me later *looks around for ash*

Ooo Jin~~ I'm too ugly for you though!

also, you're Namie C's, so >-> @EliseB

Namie T (@ElleHolley), weren't you supposed to have a talk with him? He's driving out of his lane and fighting with my driver (a.k.a. Yoongi)

J-hope, that'sweet. No wonder the members ships up.... aish~~

Ok, well hello V If you're good at cuddling, then this is ok with me

I apologize for any mistakes! Let me know what you guys think!

@ashleyemmert why would i do such a thing 😇
@Isolate 🤔 hmmm so you must be trippin... I could've sworn I seen you whisper something. Nah surely not
I need to have a talk with V 😐Lol