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If you remember my last card "Going To The Gym On Your Period," I told a little story about how it feels when you go to the gym when you have a murder scene in you underwear...all in a series of GIFS. It was an exciting card, you guys.

So here are some tips on how to exercise properly when you go the gym...

Step 1: Prepare The Pre-workout aka Midol (Has Caffeine Too!)

Step 2: Lift A Fork Of Food Into Mouth

Step 3: Get Your Protein From Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Step 4: Get Your Cardio In By Walking To Fridge

Step 5: Wear Sweatpants All Day Because Jeans Are For Losers

Considering I go through a whole box and then some of super plus in 2 days, this is totally my card! I'd like to add: pull covers up to chin and reserve energy.
@danidee thanks I google searched them myself :P :P ::P
LOL The picture choices for this are all kinds of amusing.
Gahh I am the same way! I try to go to the gym, but if my body is totally drained, i just dont go. And haha yes good addition!!!