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It looks like the Pokken Tournament Championship Series is looking to start up soon since the people over at the Pokemon Company recently put up a video that looks like it was edited by somebody who reached their peak in the 90s. Seriously, check out the promo video below.
But the corniest editing techniques aside, it's pretty interesting to me that the PTCS will be offering $100,000 in prizes throughout the tournament. It makes me wish that I was better at fighting games so I could participate in it but alas, I'm horrible.
I wonder if anyone here on Vingle has played a bit of Pokken Tournament or, rather, joined any fighting game tournaments in the past. Growing up I've been a witness to a bunch of them but I never really got into them myself -- I never had the time to get good at fighting games (I still don't). But what about you all? Would you join in this tournament if you were adequate enough at the game?
@animaniafreak I feel like Australia always gets shafted on game releases
didn't like the music so sluggish.... But I like Pokemon! In the video it listed Japan, Europe and USA, no Australia? How do we join?
for real, that techno is BUMPIN