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So I tried writing a Oneshot story today... You're probably going to hate me after reading it... but I thought I should share it anyway.... Let me know what ya think, or if the link doesn't work... or if you want me to tag you in future posts. ;) I may try writing more one shot stories... so let me know who I should write about next. My Tag Team: @HeichousRegalia @IsoldaPazo @Bikutoria13
@JaxomB haha yeah... I didn't go back and check all my mistakes before i shared it. Lol. I've been way to busy this week... so if there is anything I need to fix you're more than welcome to let me know 😊
It's cute (but I wanna edit the grammar.....sorry)
Oh it was so sad, my heart. But it was actually good, I liked it even though it was sad. Your really good
Thank you! @HeichousRegalia I'm not use to writing short stories so i wasn't sure how this one was going to turn out. Glad you liked it :)