3 years ago1,000+ Views I save my bias for last....this cute little thing right here has captured my heart and won't let it go no matter what!! Let's just get through this before I procrastinate again.
Basic Facts:
Name- Lee Min Hyuk
Birth Date- November 3, 1993
Position- Vocalist and Face of the Group
1. He is super innocent and puppy like
2. He has a habit of getting very hyper at times
3. He feels really comfortable on camera
4. Minhyuk can turn sexy very quickly
5. Featured with No-Mercy along with Nochang and Vasco in a song called Hieut
This is Minhyuk's second debut mission featuring Seokwon...Its cute so prepare yourselves!!
I hope you enjoyed learning more about Minhyuk!!!
That's all for MONSTA X!! This was really fun. I may do another group that doesn't get that much attention. If you have any suggestions let me know :)
You should do BTOB next.....
omgeee yess exactly yyy i am having the hardest time picking a bias in monstaxxx lol
He started out as my daughter's bias.....but she thinks he's 'too blond'. I think her bias is now I.M. Personally, I think Jooheon and his dimple's are adorable.
He just stole my heart 😻