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Mario Party is a fun game, sometimes. But most times it's one of those games that'll have you slapping controllers out of the hands of all your opponents. And that's who all your friends and family become, opponents. They're enemies and adversaries. They're the bad guys.

My worst Mario Party moment had to be when I couldn't stop laughing after making a younger cousin of mine cry.

I'm not proud of it. But I won in the end and she was so sad (and so young) that she started crying because she lost. Instead of consoling her I laughed in her face and ran around the room like I just won something important.
Now, that I'm done being a weird asshole admitting terrible things about myself on the internet, what horrible thing have you done because of Mario Party?
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@ShakirBiship Agreed! My friends are such trolls when it comes to this~ lol
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Lol. I saved a picture a long time ago of the cover of Mario Party 3, where the title is replaced with "Ruined Friendships 3." I've never had a problem with these games, but I've also never been a very competitive person. My ex's little brother would get heated! We would announce to the whole house that we were playing it, and he would be one of the first to yell that he wanted to play. Then he would get so angry when he lost, and yell that he was the best when he won. Lol. We had so much fun beating him at the game and laughing at his anger. 馃槃
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@ShakirBishop that probably hurts the most, honestly. but when you're the one getting the better end of the deal...
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@TurtleyTurtles hahaha sometimes those experiences are the best. and Ruined Friendships is a pretty great title for the game haha
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when one friend steals one of your stars
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