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Happy International Women's Day!

In honor of the day and in celebration of the amazing and talented women in our lives and in our culture, I wanted to outline a list of some of my favorite kick-ass women currently gracing our televisions. There's no shortage of impressive female characters nowadays, though some definitely take the cake for me over others.
Here are my favorites, in no particular order!

Speedy/Thea Queen - Arrow

Actress: Willa Holland

Thea has been a reoccurring character on Arrow since the beginning of the show, but it's in the last two seasons that we've really seen her character shine. She now bears the mantle that Roy Harper left behind as Red Arrow, and she goes by Speedy when vigilante-ing. She's seen probably the most dramatic on-screen action sequences. She even died, once.

Jessica Pearson - Suits

Actress: Gina Torres

The ass-kicking named partner of the central law firm in the show Suits, Jessica is a fierce warrior of the law, ruthless to her opponents and loyal to her firm. She has fought considerable opposition in the past, though given the way this season ended, she might be in for even worse battles to come.

Kira Yukimura - Teen Wolf

Actress: Arden Cho

Kira was introduced a few seasons ago to MTV's Teen Wolf, and has been near the center of attention since, with the entire Nogitsune arc and her relationship with Scott. Recently, Kira's abilities as a Kitsune have been proving too much for her to control on her own, and she might be too powerful for her own good until she gets help. Some badassery can't be contained.

Rosa Diaz - Brooklyn 99

Actress: Stephanie Beatriz

One of the detectives of the 99th precinct, Rosa appears cold and heartless to most people, including some of her immediate peers. She certainly has a distinct personality, but underneath the cold exterior is a woman who cares very passionately about what she does and the people alongside her. Just don't piss her off. Or ask personal questions.

Kara Zor-El/Supergirl - Supergirl

Actress: Melissa Benoist

Originally sent to Earth to protect and watch over her cousin Kal-El (Superman), her pod was knocked off course and she wound up arriving well after Kal-El had grown up and become the Man of Steel. Now she fights crime herself as Supergirl, all while trying to maintain some semblance of a normal life as well.

Olivia Pope - Scandal

Actress: Kerry Washington

Olivia Pope gets things done. End of story. If you need an issue handled with some discretion and with results promised, she's your go-to girl. When faced with crisis, Olivia is cool and collected and very much in control of what she's doing. A beacon of the fashionable, capable woman, Olivia Pope has it all - nearly.
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You picked some of my all time favorite characters!!!!! Jessica Pearson is like 90% of the reason why I watch Suits. I adore her :D