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On my last grocery trip, I picked up some brand new vegetarian and vegan food products to try. One of them being vegan hot dogs! I was pretty impressed by some of the information on the nutritional facts label.
Calories: 190
Protein: 21g
Fiber: 3g
Carbs: 7g
Also, the ingredient list is pretty short, considering that this is a processed food. Another good thing about the product is that everything that's listed in the ingredients list, you can pretty much recognize.
Honestly, I was most impressed the macros, and that's why I picked up the veggie dog. When unraveling the veggie dog from the casing, the dog's appearance looked pretty legit. The texture, color, and the way it held together was absolutely perfect. It even cooked just like a real hot dog.

My Taste Review:

I was actually not a huge fan of the taste. I would even say that Morning Star veggie dogs taste much nicer, but I also have to admit that Morning Star's veggie dog macros, nutritional value, and extensive list of god-knows-what-is-actually-in-that-veggie-dog is pretty awful.
I wouldn't necessarily say that Field Roast Frankfurters are not good. I would just say I probably wouldn't buy them again. But since I did buy them, and they have an insane amount of protein in them, I am just going to mix them in other foods and season them well.
(It's always the less healthy stuff that tastes better...what a bummer!)
But kudos to you for going vegetarian for the time being! I know those cravings for meat can be so tempting!
First thing I did when I went vegetarian was go directly for all the meat substitutes. While it was awesome there were fewer ingredients & overall stuff I could recognize, the taste wasn't even close to the real thing & some of the textures weren't enticing either. Now I just do a lot of veggies & beans. Have yet to pay attention to macros... every time is explained to me I'm like ( -_______________-)
ohhh..... ok...@alywoah
@ravichavda64 the packaging says it's I hope so!!
is it really 100% veggies?
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