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March 8th is the day everyone remembers to thank their mom. It's the day social media is full of girl power and female love and support. March 8th is International Women's day, and it's one of the most important days of the year.
We need international women's day because: 1. Women are still judged on the length of their skirts. 2. A driven woman is considered cut throat, while a driven man is ambitious. 3. The Wage Gap. 4. There are more "S" in Mississippi then there are women's health clinics. 5. Crusty white people still think they have the right to force me into motherhood. 6. Tampons are taxed. 7. People still bring up Kim Kardashian's sex tape from 13 years ago to explain why she's "bad". 8. Revenge porn is a thing. 9. Rape is the girls problem and rape jokes are "hysterical." 10. A kid I know said Erin Andrews should not be compensated for the peeping Tom video because "she has a nice body." 11. The super bowl is the biggest day for female sex slaves. 12. Child brides still exist. 13. PURITY BALLS ARE THE CREEPIEST THING EVER. 14. The word Feminism is a curse. 15. Men think their brave because they can somehow build up the courage to buy tampons. 16. There is way to much girl on girl hate in the world. 17. A female orgasm makes a movie R while a male orgasm only makes it PG 13, as if a females sexual arousal is somehow dirtier. 18. Lessons in Sex Ed are not controlled by the law so anyone can say any old bullshit. 19. Women currently hold less then 5% of the fortune 500 CEO roles. 20. Because there are still men out there who are PISSED there is no international men's day.
Shout out to my strong, brilliant, and resilient females out there! You are a role model and a fucking inspiration. Let's use this day as a reminder that women have come so far, but still have a long road ahead and the only way to get to equality is to build each other up, every chance we get.
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