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If you know me then you probably know just how obsessed I am with jumpsuits. If it were up to me, I would wear them year round. While most of you probably know, I am traveling to Chicago in a few weeks and I'm trying to get my packing done early -- but in order to pack, I must purchase a few items.
First up on the list are a few must have jumpsuits that I have been eyeing. Not only do I love jumpsuits, but I also happen to love ASOS. With that being said I've picked a handful of jumpsuits off the site and I was hoping that maybe my fashionistas can help me narrow it down to one or two. If you're interested in helping a sista out, keep scrolling and check out the amazing jumpsuits below.

Which one or two should I purchase?

1, 3, 4. Feeling them. A LOT! GET THEM!!!! Let me add something else to your shopping card, AND I'M SERIOUS!...
I love 4 the best !
it's nice to hear a guys perspective! I like all three of those, especially #1 @keith2web
absolutely levee #3! @humairaa
@EasternShell we are usually always on the same page. those are my two favorite as well!
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