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Remember that time when you were sad about not being able to get that Japan-only video game? That might be changing soon! Amazon Japan is now shipping video games and video game hardware to international customers!
This means that with a little bit of work (creating an Amazon Japan account and navigating the site through language settings) you might just be able to get that Japan-only version of the game you always wanted!
While this is great news, there are also a few downsides. Not all video games and hardware are available for international purchase and you would also need to make sure that the game is being sold directly by Amazon Japan (and not a third-party seller). You need to make sure that the game is eligible for AmazonGlobal International Shipping. And finally, you'll want to make sure that the game or hardware works in your region/ works with your console.
All in all, I think this is exciting because this brings those of us who are always disappointed by region-locked releases one step closer to those video games. They might not have it all available for us just yet, but this is a good start!

Who else is excited about this? Are there any Japan-only games on your video game list?

shit my buddy marc's been playing foreign japanese games (especially the miku dancing games & Neptunia series) for a while now. Granted, they were sold to the America market but they still were foreign game series that came state side
dude that is fucking awesome
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