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I know, I know. Another inspirational makeup look for Spring...IN PINK!
Just the other day I was reading some comments about how pink is either something that is hard to pull off or something not preferred at all. Yet I know there are others that love pinks. So I am sharing this for the brides, the gals and anyone who loves pink in terms of makeup.
Specifically, I want to show how pink comes in more than one color. Created by international hair and makeup artist, Marta Lula, she takes tawny pink and makes it both relevant and spectacular at the same time.
This super chic look for Spring has me giddy with excitement. Her application stuns me because she is able to create soft drama without it looking like a facade or theatrical. There's a balance that she seems to understand very well!
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I love the type of pink color in this makeup. Perfect color for spring!
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So pretty! I don't do blush, cuz I feel I don't need it. But the color is really pretty, and I could see that color on my eyelids! Maybe... I still dunno if I can pull pink off.
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Thank you ladies!!!!! :) wait till you all see the epic Quarry Gems necklace!!!!!!!!! You will die!
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Man that's a lot of blush but she look great anyway 馃憣
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