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Ah! I'm a day late in the Big Bang Marathon!! I blame work.
My favorite moment of the MADE tour...what is it, you ask?
The opening was one of my favorite parts of the tour.
The opening video package reminded me so much of a Quentin Tarantino movie with the car chases, scantily clad woman with massive fire arms, the music, the explosions. It was all a sensory overload that got your adrenaline pumping.
And just as quickly as it started, the lights go out and it's silent for a moment then suddenly....
The opening notes to Bang Bang Bang start and the crowd loses their minds! With every new name, there is an equal eruption of cheers and screams until the drum beats heavier and the final title flashes:
In that moment, chills ran down my spine. I hadn't even seen them yet and I was already about to pass out from sheer excitement and anticipation. Is this real?! This is seriously happening?!
The screens move apart to reveal our boys in all their splendor and I melted into a puddle of feelings for the next 2 hours.
That is a moment that I will probably never forget.
TOP's Doom Dada performance....this was the only photo I could get because I was shaking and screaming too much. That man's voice and presence and all around being just...I have no words....just emotions.
GD sitting literally 10 feet away from me at the end of the concert. He sat there for a good minute just letting people take pictures of him and he talked to some of the people in the first row of the section...I was only 3 rows away! GD, COME BACK HERE AND LOVE ME!
So, that was my favorite moment from the MADE tour! :D
What was your favorite moment?
@lovetop Oh!! That stare he gives when he does it! I died a million time when that happened!!
Me too me too!!!!...and when TOP take off his sunglasses... I was dying... dying...😍😍😍😍