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From the design house, Naeem Khan, comes this epic statement cape to be worn with and over your wedding gown!
Can you imagine wearing this down the aisle?!
Naeem Khan, ladies.
Remember, this is your wedding day, not someone else's. Wear what you want. And make choices that lead to your perfect wedding day!
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that cape would be amazing for my wedding photos I always envisioned a sort of fairly tail/ Alice in Wonderland and the Cape is very red riding hood
@marshalledgar yep! It says focus on me
You can't help but steal all the attention in this gown!
Oh heck yeah! I'd definitely wear this dress. I've always loved the extra fabric draping down my arms, like a cape.
Hey thank you so much for the comments @CandaceJordan @TessStevens @GeGe21 I'm so glad you love the cape as much as I do. It's so chic and magical.
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