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I was playing with my son at park today and he found a friend to play with so I decided I'd get off the playground in style and take the monkey bar route. I made it to the very end which was a latter and then I had to jump off or climb down to finish. Not only did I choose to jump, I chose to do a spin jump! I landed it, score! but smashed my wrist into the bar in the process.
Mental dialogue: Walk it off, Walk it off, Walk it off, Walk it off *as the pain follows me indefinitely*
Of course I had to play it off like nothing happened but we all know it hurt so so much. Just straight bone to metal man. I'm still feeling the effects.
Last time I really tried to be cool my friend jumped onto my back outta nowhere and I almost faceplanted into the concrete floor. I was talking to a girl I liked and trying not to look like an idiot when suddenly she jumped on and I was struggling to stay on my feet and my eyes were felt like they were popping out of my skull. So yeah... Never again.
Same though XD I was literally once doing a "cool" pose on the subway (teasing a guy who always stands around looking cool). Made the mistake of doing it when we started moving, tumbled down the train hahahahhaah
@littlemaryk thanks! ^^
Oh noo! That sounds daunting and painful. This is unrelated to looking cool but your story reminded me of something. I remember this one time I was laying on my stomach on a couch at this place called rcket town (venue) and this guy I knew who was double my size sat on my back to be funny but he was crushing my back and lungs. I was pretty pissed, it sucked so I feel your pain @JosephMcCain
It happens to the best of us haha As long as you can have fun with it, it's all good right? ^.^ @InVinsybll omoomo! I'm getting such an animated visual right now hahaha I feel like it was the most epic fa(i)ll ever! @hikaymm
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